"Adina has the unique ability of stimulating people's confidence to a level where they can truly realise their own potential" K. B | "I found Adina very inspiring and very honest" D.T | "Adina cumulates personal business experience, education in psychology and a wide cross cultural experience which not many coaches have". A.S | "Excellent facilitator. Very effective style" A.D | "Adina is an asset to this organisation". M.M.L | "A pleasure to work with!". M.B
Adina Tarry is an AI strategist and Accredited Coach, Business Psychologist and Organisational Development Consultant, with an extensive delivery portfolio in Coaching, Psychometric Assessments, Talent and Change Management, as well as Strategic HR. She is accustomed to working with individuals. teams and organisations.

Based in London since 2001, Adina has been delivering to 'people in business' services or solutions, designed to enhance the management of talent and people capability.

Adina has developed her career and expertise around three key areas of interest:

  • people
  • business
  • cultures

Over time she has acquired, developed and consolidated a range of mult-specialist capabilities within each area, based on education, continued Training & Development and work & life experience, in a global setting.


As a practicing coach and innovative thinker, Adina has developed a unifying coaching approach (publication "The new order at the edge of chaos: a unified coaching perspective on the complexities of evolving systems". ISBN-13: 978-0-9554716-0-5.) integrating a number of established methods, tools and models - with a client centred focus - to deliver a �best of breed and fit for purpose� interaction. This approach is supported by a sustained and extensive commitment to professional development, well over and above formal requirements.

Adina is an Associate Lecturer (London Metropolitan University, Thames Valley University, West London College) in HR Management Strategy & Consulting, and Business Psychology subjects. This academic involvement has provided direct access to the latest theoretical thinking, research and methodologies.


Adina's early career as a manager/specialist, provided extensive international business experience, across four industry sectors (IT, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and fashion) and numerous business functions (import/export, manufacturing and operations, supply chain, quality, project and people management). This experience has been gained with leading organizations such as IBM, Alcatel, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb.

She has also worked in small and medium size organisations (6 to 500 people) and is therefore aware of - and flexible, in a consulting role, to adapt to - the specific culture and structure of each organisation, in order to add real value and make a difference.


Adina's global exposure to cultures and languages (lived/worked in Paris, Sydney, New York, Johannesburg, Bucharest, D�sseldorf and London) enables her to meet international clients within their own 'cultural paradigm' both individually and also when working with multi-functional, divers teams. She has a good knowledge of English, German, French and Romanian, with some Italian and Russian.

Due to her personal business experience, Adina establishes trust, rapport and credibility very quickly, when delivering Coaching and Mentoring and is most effective when combining specialist and inter-personal skills to support both local and global businesses, in complex changing and competitive environments. She has specific knowledge of Central/East European and Australasian regions.

On a personal note, Adina is fascinated by science (particularly biology and quantum physics) and delights in all the arts (especially, cinema and writing). She is a published author of literature and professional books and articles.

Adina believes that art and science are a continuum, just as business and leisure or creativity and commerce are intertwined and inform each other.

In most professions, success requires both science and art. Separating them artificially only diminishes the diverse and naturally mixed spectrum of human potential.

Brief CV.

Accredited Coach, Mentor and Business Psychologist London 2001- current

Delivering: a portfolio of services (see Services) to individuals and groups, SME and large organisations. Clients: Business, Government, Not-for-profit sectors (see Clients and Associates)

Associate Lecturer: Thames Valley University, London Metropolitan University, West London College (see Associate Lecturer)

IBM and IBM/Global Services Sydney 1998
Resource Deployment Manager

� Managed and deployed a headcount of 80-100 skilled IT specialists/consultants to high utilisation targets and bench of under 15% with related selection, induction, training and development

Mentor and Auditor - merger process in outsourced client account (IBM/Optus) � Change management

� Performance coaching provided to Managers, in delivery of software to client, to targets

� Auditing and related mentoring to prepare nominated project for CMM level 2/3 assessment

� Mentoring on matters of Supply Chain, Quality and Project Management methodology

� Produced Vendor Management methodology information for Intranet and web learning

Advisory Business Process Analyst - Business Controls (IBM specific function)

� Mentoring and related monitoring of Managers/Executives adherence to process (Internal audit/reviews)

� Data gathering of KPI and analyses of business controls posture, for monthly, quarterly and half-yearly reports to local and corporate CEOs

Program Manager:

� Program managed new PC supply chain/roll out process for $40 Million reveue/6 months

� Received IBM �Informal Award� in recognition of this achievement

� Managed the preparation and success of ISO 9001 Audit and Peer review � Asia Pacific level

Johnson & Johnson Sydney 1997
Logistics Controller

� Responsible for Neutrogena product range availability in Australia (from local and USA sources)

� Knowledge specialist (supply chain/operations) in multi functional local and international teams (Sales, Marketing, R&D, Imports, Operations)

Alcatel Sydney 1992
Supply Chain Specialist and Quality Analyst

� Mentored category/product managers on new product release procedures and regulatory matters

� Contributed to soft aspects of quality (cultural change, self managed teams, internal customer satisfaction)

� Monitored, managed and corrected quality of process and product for manufacturing and re-sale (ISO 9001, internal audit, process documentation, process improvement) � consulting and advisory role

� Strategic Commodity Manager and International Logistics Assistant Manager- manufacture and trade

Ranier Ltd. Sydney 1990
Production Manager

� Managed suppliers, sub-contractors, pricing, budgeting, customer liaison, performance, service levels, capacity planning, scheduling and quality for the two fashion ranges/year and on going corporate orders production

� Streamlined the end to end process and achieved 5-10% cost reductions on operating costs


Jacques Vert Plc. London
Export Marketing Manager

� Expanded export markets from 5 to 12 countries (both retail/wholesale- preferred supplier)

� Increased performance of existing markets (up to 30% increase)

� Representation and sales at international trade fairs (Dusseldorf and Munich)

� Acted as company spokesperson for media coverage of the IGEDO Fair by the German television

Bristol-Myers Squibb Paris and London
Export Contracts Management and Shipping Admin.

� Ensured timely export contracts fulfilment and revenue realisation

� Effective international network and multi lingual business communications with stakeholders (banks, shippers, confirming houses, product suppliers)

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