"Adina has the unique ability of stimulating people's confidence to a level where they can truly realise their own potential" K. B | "I found Adina very inspiring and very honest" D.T | "Adina cumulates personal business experience, education in psychology and a wide cross cultural experience which not many coaches have". A.S | "Excellent facilitator. Very effective style" A.D | "Adina is an asset to this organisation". M.M.L | "A pleasure to work with!". M.B


Private: HSBC, M&S, Sony, Walt Disney, Channel 4, Barclays, United Biscuits, Standard Bank, AOL, Telewest, Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO, BAA, Pfizer, Mariel, Shell,

Public: Canterbury University, ImperialCollege, NHS Trusts, Learning and Skills Council, LondonMetropolitanUniversity, etc.

Not-for-profit: Big Lottery Fund, Motability

Individuals: from all sectors, interested in self development, career progression and personal goal setting and achievement as well as overcoming challenges brought about by change, uncertainty and transitions.

Organisations: across industries and functions, including HRM function.


Over time, I have delivered some of my services by associate work, with organisations such as:

  • Right Management, DBM and Coutts for career coaching
  • Joint Prosperity Pty. for assessment centres and psychometric assessments
  • John O’Brien and Associates for executive coaching
  • Position Ignition,a career consultancy with a twist

I have also been involved on special projects:

  • Dr. Meredith Belbin on the "better together" project, and curently a Strategic and Development Director for: Wearebettertogether Ltd. – enhancing the social integration and quality of life for over 50’s. Also recently reviewed Dr. Belbin's Personal Preference Questionnaire (PPQ).
  • Prof. Paul Brown, practitioner, and Phillip Cousins and Diane Downs, originators of the SOFI® systems for organisational resilience.
  • Director: Rich Answers™ Int. Ltd. – consultancy for people and organisational development
  • Director: Innovation Bubble Ltd. – for development of on-line products.
  • Founding member of the Business and Consumer Psychology Forum – for the advancement of use of business psychology for organisational success.
  • Member of AMBAT : APECS Members Board Advisory Team – for the advancement of quality and standards of the coaching profession.

This collaborative work has been most valuable in enabling exchange of ideas, tapping into new methodologies for people and organisational development and influencing innovative thinking

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