"Adina has the unique ability of stimulating people's confidence to a level where they can truly realise their own potential" K. B | "I found Adina very inspiring and very honest" D.T | "Adina cumulates personal business experience, education in psychology and a wide cross cultural experience which not many coaches have". A.S | "Excellent facilitator. Very effective style" A.D | "Adina is an asset to this organisation". M.M.L | "A pleasure to work with!". M.B

  • Special project: working since 2007 with Dr. Meredith Belbin on evaluation and provision for specific needs in 50+ population.
  • Chair, the Association for Business Psychology.
  • [b]Proposal for a streamlined and unified application process for multiple memberships of coaching professional organisations; for the Roundtable meetings, 2008
  • Subject proposals for the discussion on "Ethical dilemmas in coaching practice", University of East London, department of Occupational Psychology, 2008
  • Founding member and contributor to forum and society for consumer and business psychology: see www.forpsych.eu and www.b-likem.eu, 2008.
  • Member of AMBAT: APECS Members Board Advisory Team � for the advancement of quality and standards of the coaching profession, 2010
  • [b]Board director APECS
  • Publications, events, presentations.

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