"Adina has the unique ability of stimulating people's confidence to a level where they can truly realise their own potential" K. B | "I found Adina very inspiring and very honest" D.T | "Adina cumulates personal business experience, education in psychology and a wide cross cultural experience which not many coaches have". A.S | "Excellent facilitator. Very effective style" A.D | "Adina is an asset to this organisation". M.M.L | "A pleasure to work with!". M.B


Every successful business grows from its roots. At the core of every business, there is a Training and Development activity within the HR function.
Corporate Vision is proud to honour the very best that the market has to offer and showcase the significant work of the dedicated HR, Training & Development professionals who are helping keep the corporate landscape on the cutting edge of new innovation. For full editorial on winners and their success visit:



- Excellence in the use of coaching for performance improvement
- Excellence in the use of psychology for wellbeing and effectiveness in the workplace

The ABP’s Workforce Experience Awards celebrates excellence and significant contributions of applied Business Psychology and the science of human behaviour, in the workplace and the field of Human Resources, with the purpose of creating a positive workplace experience and as a result deliver significant commercial, operational and competitive advantage to organisational success, adaptability and resilience.



The “Butterfly Effect” of digitalisation has been sending its ripples everywhere and for some time. There are differences in this impact and differences in the level of leadership readiness for the advent of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I work with leaders to build up their sense of agency and capability for their role of taking people and organisations through uncertainty, by embracing and modelling a culture of hope and digital readiness to increased effectiveness in dealing with aspects of a largely unpredictable future.


I engage with business leaders in diverse industries and company sizes, to familiarise them with the business potential of the new digital resources (Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics) as ways of increasing productivity and managing the inevitable and significant change that is reconfiguring our world as we know it, into a new and unpredictable guise.


Based on my personal experience of the last ten years working with the younger entrepreneurs and carefully watching and being a part of the technological transformation of the last twenty years, I have identified developmental opportunities for two critical areas of success:

1/Bridging the cultural and technological gap between generations; with Millennials and Baby Boomers representing the two significant, but often polarised, pools of talent and influence in organisations. There is no more effective and powerful alliance than that of experience and wisdom matched with innovation and technology, provided trust, respect and mutual appreciation of complementary capabilities becomes a norm of the organisational culture.

2/ Educating, informing and encouraging leaders to explore and embrace the world of AI and Robotics. By understanding the value of digital tools and solutions, they can be designed into the organisational strategy and yield advantage instead of allowing change to just happen within a businesses, with potentially adverse outcomes.


I combine and use a wide range to skills acquired over an extensive practice across business, organisational development, technology and psychology:

-International business experience with IBM, Alcatel, Johnson&Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb;
-Specialist knowledge in audit and compliance, business analysis, process optimisation, supply chain, manufacturing, international trade, business mentoring;
-Talent management including recruitment, development, retention, skills renewal, HR strategy;
-Professional coaching, trained and top accredited with 2800+ hours of practice in career, executive, business and personal coaching;
-Business psychology, senior practitioner, experienced in assessments, psychometrics, competencies mapping, job analysis, leadership development;
-Technology savvy, early adopter and enthusiast of science and technology, with integrated contextual knowledge of neuroscience, psychology, complex evolving systems theory, biology and the digital world.


Position a call to action and support leaders in understanding, embracing and designing digital technology into a strategy that will value generational complementarities, develop new ways of thinking, working and socially sharing value. To assist leaders to face the future with hope and turn potential threats into instruments of sustainability.


Forthcoming book:
Coaching with careers and AI in mind:
Grounding a Resourceful and Hopeful Self in an Unravelling World.
Karnac Books Ltd.

- Surviving and thriving in a digital world: are you at risk?
-Leadership of the future: how digital savvy are you?
-Machine vs. Human: who is leading whom?
-The real threats of digitisation: are our governance systems keeping up?

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