Adina has been supporting “people in business and society” with a wide range of professional services designed to enhance the organisational ability to change, adapt and deliver value and prosperity to individuals, business and society.

About me

Leadership & Organisation Development, International Mentor, Business Psychologist, Master Coach, AI strategy, with an extensive delivery portfolio in Business Mentoring, Business and Career Coaching, Psychometric Assessments, Talent and Change Management, and Strategic
HR. Accustomed to working with individuals, teams, and organizations

across multiple industries and sectors in diverse and global cultural and geographic settings.

I have lived, worked, and studied in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Romania. Every time I’ve moved, I’ve had to open my mind, solve problems and learn new things.

This is how I know from experience that culture-related behaviors, values, and beliefs, along with language, are without a doubt one of the most important things that can make or break an individual or organization’s efforts to succeed locally or globally. Opening up and embracing diversity are key.

Gained specific business experience in functions such as: procurement, logistics, customs and excise, audit, compliance, quality, manufacturing, talent resourcing, international trade, consulting, e-commerce etc. with global leaders such as IBM, Alcatel, Johnson & Johnson, and Bristol-Myers Squibb

Developed my career and interdisciplinary expertise around several key areas of interest: people and society, business, technology, arts and cultures. I also enjoy exchanging knowledge as a Visiting Lecturer, Author and Speaker.

Over time I acquired, developed, and consolidated polymath capabilities within multiple domains, based on education, continued Training & Development, and work & life experience, in global settings. I am also a member and accredited member of multiple professional organisations – APECS, AC, ABP, BPS, EMCC, RSM, SGCP – and uphold  these ethical codes of practice.


Pursuing learning and exchanging knowledge and wisdom to self realise by offering value to people, business and culture. VALUES: Curiosity, learning, creativity, collaboration, achievement, honesty, integrity, empathy


Engaging with people in life and work in relationships and partnerships that are rewarding, enjoyable and long lasting.


Seamlessly combining apparently unrelated domains: operational details with blue sky and strategic thinking, the local and the global settings, agile, design thinking, quality management and complex evolving systems theory and principles, the value of past, present and future perspectives, science, technology with arts and creativity, neurosciences, psychology and social sciences with business cultures and structures, leadership and management development, applied philosophy and ethics.