“Awesome (mentor and coach)….prefect for a role of brainstorming partner (particularly for a solo business founder) ….help with perfecting communication skills and the pitch…creative in the way of highlighting/uncovering the benefits of the innovation…especially at the stage of refining product and market….2023.

” Adina, you are very gifted for your work and deliver great value in your career and personal coaching services. I have a lot of confidence in your approach and in the quality of what you do to inspire and guide your clients. I would recommend you unreservedly. 2014

“I need to tell you Adina that you are one of the great people I met in London who have made a very positive impact on my life. Thanks to you I managed to rebuild my self-value and my confidence. And I can see the world from a much stronger perspective now. And you also helped me to clarify what kind of occupation would make me happy and fully satisfied. ..Therefore, many thanks for your help. I am lucky I have met you!” 2008

“I wanted to say a warm ‘thank you’ for your inspiration, expertise, and guidance during the (..session..) at (..company..) this past Monday. You are a true inspiration and I greatly admire your skills, wisdom, intellect, life experience, and achievement as a woman, businessperson, and ‘achievement enabler”.2007.

“Every time I met Adina for individual coaching sessions she has provided the same level of excellence and professionalism, with the ability to make me feel “special” by taking great interest in my situation and naturally and genuinely using great listening skills. As a result, I have always felt comfortable raising concerns and sharing my thoughts. During the coaching sessions, Adina uses a unique ability to instill a sense of achievement and an ever-increasing sense of awareness of one’s own strength and suitability to a chosen path. This has enabled me to leave the sessions, with a clear purpose for the immediate future and the knowledge of my own self-worth.” 2007.

“Adina has been a real help in making us control our future and has the confidence to “go for it”. She has been an excellent coach and a great listener” 2003

“A motivating and inspiring individual who has the unique ability to stimulate stimulating people’s confidence to a level where they can truly realize their own potential. Passionate about her life and her work and genuinely interested in people… ” 2003

“I found Adina very inspiring and very honest” 2003.

“The best facilitator by far, fun, detailed and very helpful” 2005

“Adina is a true professional. She was thorough, and explained things in a clear unambiguous way, using simple examples and analogies. She also used the time fully and thoroughly. Thank you.” 2005

“Excellent facilitator. Very helpful. Thank you.” 2005

“Excellent facilitator. Very effective style” 2005

“Excellent, best so far. Very personable and gets empathy with the attendees” 2005

“Excellent facilitator, who uses a quiet authority and flexibility of approach to really serve her clients best. Owns their requirements and offers solutions that build confidence and are technically very sound.” – Facilitatin Assessor 2003.

“A pleasure to work with!”. Colleague Facilitator 2002