Portfolio of Services


Supporting a person in their work by monitoring the quality of their work and their personal physical and mental well being through open honest conversation with a trusted person (supervisor) who is neutral, objective and outside the clients’ system. Providing a formative (developmental), informative (knowledge exchange) and restorative (wellbeing) resource based on safe and open dialogue.


Business Mentoring

For startup owners, managers and leaders, in early career or in a new role when the input from someone who’s been there and done it, will smooth the path to a more effective, confident, and relaxed approach to the new responsibilities and demands of the job.

Coaching: Executive – Career – Business – Cross Cultural

Imperative in a world where skills, jobs and work opportunities change faster than ever, and where career changes, self employment options, work and life transitions, or new beginnings occur every few years. In the 21st century, looking for and finding a new and rewarding way of working in a dynamic local and global, culturally diverse economy, remains – in itself – the only “job for life”!.

Organisation development and optimisation. Leadership and talent management. HR and digital strategy.

Developing organisational structure and culture, leadership and management capabilities, digitisation and talent management, in line with organisational purpose, mission, values and vision. Exploring strategies and operational options for agile adaptive change in our complex evolving systems environment.

Assessments – Personality Profiling – 360

Advancing self awareness and awareness of others and the context, by use of tools such as questionnaires to inform and illuminate aspects of personality, such as: type, contribution to team, values and beliefs, thinking and learning preferences, emotional intelligence, etc. Also 360 feedback, performance reviews and other assessment activities. For graduate recruitment, management recruitment, development, succession, promotion.

Facilitation – Training – Team Coaching – Lecturing

Working with groups of people in settings such as lecturing, training, facilitation and team coaching, creates a particularly rich opportunity for knowledge exchange and learning. It provides the possibility to interact with more than one person at a time and more importantly, to surface the existing knowledge in the room, which can be shared and enriched by all and for all participants. A highly rewarding learning and development opportunity which also leverages the economy of scale, for time, numbers and cost. Combined with one-to-one tailored support, it makes a perfect solution to optimise and develop organisations, leaders and human talent, for success.

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“Coaching with AI and careers in mind: Grounding a Hopeful and Resourceful Self Fit for a Digital World” Routledge. July 2018

“Design Thinking for Smaller Enterprise Development: a SOCIETALbyDesign® Model for Adaptation to a Digital Age” Routledge 2019

Working with one person or a small group at a time is very rewarding!

But is also limits the number to – in my case – only a few thousand people.

Wishing for the knowledge exchange to travel faster and wider I write books!

There are no financial gains in writing (for every book sold I may get £1.00 if lucky!)

The gratification is in the thought that I may help others to avoid mistakes or accelerate their path to success by suggesting potential answers, solutions or options that they may consider.

This is why I recommend my books which I have carefully  written with the readers in mind by offering thoughts that can be practically tested and use in real settings.